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“King for Bakers Baker for Kings”


If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest

 all the stars and all the heavens...


Distinguishment as specialism

Not only in exceeding reliability, transparency and approach. But also in high quality product range, excellent customer focused services and sales multiplication creativity. A strong combination of these ingredients should be perfect, anything less is unacceptable.

After all we are;

King  for  Bakers

Baker  for  Kings®

Bake-King, solely inventor and deviser of a unique three-dimensional sales multiplication concept. We support bakeries and foodservice companies to enlarge their trade-volumes and increase turnovers. 100% guaranteed!

Thanks to distinctive, yet highly effective methods we deliver our customers the benefits of sustained added value. A comprehensive network makes market expansion possible on a global scale.

"Bake-King distinguishes being a central pivot between the bakery branch and the foodservice industry. Saving them money, time and efforts by offering simple, but highly effective product-, business- and corporate solutions in order to enlarge trade volumes, turnovers and revenues”

Supporting organizations to a higher level through innovative and extraordinary three-dimensional sales multiplication concept. Guaranteeing expansion, sustainability and profitability

About us

What began as a small but thriving trading company in Almelo, more than 10 years ago has evolved into the international pivot between the bakery branch and the general foodservice industry. Over the years,
Bake-King has continually improved itself in order to produce high quality solutions and services. The main customers of the company include certificated bakeries, wholesales, out-of-home and the foodservice market in general.

Bake-King monitors global bread and bakery trends closely in order to keep its customers up to date. Bake-King is a strategic partner to a number of suppliers and clients through our unique three-dimensional concept. Able to guarantee always the best product, service and information available for sales-volume and turnover solutions.

Although the international character, throughout the company Bake-King maintained the initial and core beliefs during the last decades. Bake-King will be known as a family business where every individual takes pride in all they do and customers always come first.